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SPE Oklahoma City Oil & Gas Symposium

Nelson Spradlin Engineering is pleased to be a sponsor at this event. Please contact us for any information needed.

Need Help?

If you are in the process of year-end reserves and need help, please contact us. We are available for short term work for quarterly or year-end reserves as needed.


Q. What economic evaluation software does your company use?

A. We use Aries by Landmark, but can use others if required for specific projects.

Q. Can you provide data for our evaluation?

A. We can make use of all the data available to the client and supplement it with data obtained from public sources. Publicly sourced data may include governmental completion and production data as well as data we purchase from IHS. We strive to obtain data in the most cost effective manner possible. 

Q. What do you charge?

A. Our rates depend on the type of work being done, whether it is for data gathering / engineering technician work or engineering work. It also depends on the amount of work needed. We have hourly and long-term daily rates. We also offer concierge engineering services in which the client has guaranteed on-demand services based on a prepaid monthly rate. The availability of concierge engineering services  are limited and begin with a minimum of one day per month.

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Professional Organizations

Oklahoma City Geological Society

Society of Petroleum Engineers

SPE United States and Mexico

SPE Oklahoma City

Governmental Orginazations

Department of Energy

National Energy Technology Lab

Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Oklahoma Geological Survey

Oklahoma State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyers

Texas Railroad Commission

U.S.  Energy Information Administration

U.S. Geological Survey